Benefits and Member Fees

Why should you join Osaka Mozart Association?
The Osaka Mozart Association (Osaka Mozart Kyokai) is a foremost professional association within the subject of music, publishing and recordings. Be a member mean be part af network of colleagues who share similar interests and have the unvaluable feeling to support an Association made for music future and progress. Many of the most distinguished musicologists, performers, and composers are members of the OMK, and the Association also does much to support the promotion of concerts.

Furthermore the 10% of all amount of received membership fees will be used for charitable donation to Japanese Red Cross Society

Subscription Rates
Membership in the OMK runs for the calendar year. Subscription is currently open for the 2017 Calendar Year. Subscription for 2018 will be available from 1 October 2018.

Types of Members

We are now offering different levels of membership: Special (Free and Students), Bronze, Silver, Gold and Full

Contact us at for the application!





30 Euro


50 Euro


100 Euro


500 Euro


1000 Euro

Free monthly “Musicians and Composers” newsletter (information about news, events, and other benefits)

Member of Carta Leonardo (for more information see details)

1 free publication from the Da Vinci Publishing catalogue (only students)

Discounts of up to 20 per cent on all da Vinci Publishing Catalogue


Discounts on production of a professional CD master with sound engineer and/or studio recording (for more information see details)

Up to 3 adverts per year on OMK Official Facebook page

Adverts on the OMK  Official site about artistic activities (concerts and competitions flayer, etc…)

2 free publications from the Da Vinci Publishing catalogue

3 free publications from the Da Vinci Publishing catalogue

50% off on all Da Vinci Publishing catalogue

2 free Cd from Da Vinci Classics and Jazz catalogue

Up to 12 adverts per year on the Official Facebook Page

The Osaka Mozart Association logo on all members printed and online materials (all activities have to be notified at last 1 months prior the start at OMK)

Banner of the Organization member on the OMK Official Site

Assistance for who need to require Visa for Japan

Organization member logo on all OMK activities in Japan

1 free copies of all cd published during 2017 by Da Vinci Classics and Jazz

*Student applicants must supply evidence of student status, such as a photocopy of a current student ID.