The Osaka Mozart Association (一般社団法人大阪モーツァルト協会) was founded on September 2015 by scholars, musicologists and art enthusiasts, both amateur and professional, who believed in the need for an organisation which by its specific promotional efforts might help other musicians and artists to spread culture in Japan.

The primary object of the Osaka Mozart Association is to encourage and advance studies and research into different fields related to art, music and language, with a special focus on life, works, historical context, and reception of W.A.Mozart, as well as composers of different ages.

Major goals of the Society include: to provide a forum for communication among scholars and enthusiasts and to encourage new ideas and perspectives; to share news of local, regional, and national events – symposia, festivals, and concerts and to encourage interdisciplinary scholarship through links with other organizations.

This aim is pursued through promotion of concerts, masterclasses, competitions and lecture-recitals as wall as recordings, as well as production and distribution of cd, scores and books publications issued under the Association’s own publishing house named Da Vinci Edition. We also hold meetings and occasional symposia and, through newsletters and website, foster a network of communications about music, arts, Italian and Japanese language and their perspective in Japan.

Our Association is affiliated with Associazione Mozart Italia-Rovereto, Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, Italian Institute of Culture-Osaka.

Honorary President; Bin Ebisawa
President; Edmondo Filippini
Vice-President; Tomomi Koike